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Simple Tutu Tutorial

Tutu Tutorial

Ever since my sister got knocked up pregnant and I found out she was having a baby girl, I started day dreaming about photographing a sweet little chubby angel in a fluffy wuffy tutu. I knew I could convince my sister to let me useborrow photograph her baby. The problem was finding a baby sized tutu. After looking at a few that looked neither comfortable nor fluffy I was ready to give up. When I realized, I can just make my own tutu! So here it is, my Tutu Tutorial.

First you'll need:

cut the tulle into strips

I made mine 6" wide by 12" long. The wider you cut it the fluffier and poofier your tutu will be. The length should twice as long as how long you want the actual tutu to be.

gather and fold

Cut your ribbon according to the waist line of your subject. I gave mine a few extra inches so I could tie it off at the end. And I have this crazy idea that I'll be able to add more tulle as she grows older... so the tutu can grow as she does.

This is assuming she'll even let me put it on her when she learns how to talk... and run away.

loop and pull
and youll end up with something like this
then just keep going till you reach the ends of your ribbon

Remember leave some ribbon to tie off the tutu. I find a cheery working song helps pass the time (or some caffeine and the latest episode of HIMYM, whatever works for you ;) )

and voila! youre done.

There you have it, a quick and easy way to make your own tutu (and annoy the baby girl in your life). I was able to get about 3 shots of her before she got cranky and ripped the thing off.

Maybe someone out there has a tutorial on how to coerce convince a little girl to wear your new and ridiculously fluffy creation?


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