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Chicks with Sticks

I've decided to take up knitting. It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile but up until now I've been too afraid to try it. I know it sound ridiculous to be afraid of knitting. People (imaginary) ask: Is it the needles (big pointy sticks/potential deadly weapon/would never be allowed on a plane) you're afraid of? The yarn? Or do you have a fear of showering your family and friends with unnecessary (read: Philippines daily temperature of 28-32 Celsius) and unwanted itchy sweaters, wool purses, and oh-so-frikkin' adorable baby hats?

Well it's none of the above. It's a much deeper and more substantial (and would make for a good therapy session) fear than any of those things. It's a fear of failing and flopping painfully unto my face (and pride). I am a beginner, an absolute beginner. I have never knitted a day in my life. I know nothing about knitting, aside from what I've seen on TV (i.e. little old ladies on rockers and balls of yarn) which isn't at all helpful.

I'm just half frightened I will suck at it and end up with many lopsided sweaters (if you ready Archie comics you know what I'm talking about) and half worried I'll get bored with it and abandon the project (as was proven by project 366).

Today, I woke up feeling brave. I awoke and was filled with confidence in myself. I fought the urge to jump back into bed and wait for those feeling to pass, instead I went out and I bought this:


I was attracted by the pretty bright colors and the cute little chicks on the cover with the iddy-biddy knitting needles. But aside from the outside, I knew this was the book for me when I read this:

Are you destined for knitting? Take this Quick Quiz!

1. Are you looking for something to spark your creativity?

me: Always!

2. Do you have a lot of stress in your life?

me: Yesserie!

3. Do you get stuck waiting in lines with nothing to do?

me: Yup yup.

4. Are you a do-it-yourselfer and love the feeling of making something by hand?

me: You betcha! (looks at broken down lightbox)

5. Do you like to meet people with a passion for the same hobby?

me: I love making new friends.

6. Do you like to make cool stuff?

me: who doesn't?!

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you are destined to be a knitter.

Did'ya read that? DESTINED! How can I argue with destiny?

So as of June 28, 2009 I am officially a Chick with Sticks. Well... technically that should be: as of June 29, 2009... because really all I did today was buy the book. Then I wasted a good part of the afternoon trying a bunch of ways to take pictures of it so I could blog about it.

But tomorrow I am definitely buying the gear! And then you can all expect more scarfs, sweaters and fluffy things from me!

Chick almost with Sticks,


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