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Crafting Woes


Any actual knitting I wanted to do was put on hold when I could not find any of the materials I needed. Craft stores in Cebu are dismal.

First I went to Country Crafts in Ayala, they weren't very helpful at all. The staff didn't know anything about their products and we're kinda rude. So I decided to try Famila House in Colon because they have been around longer and hopefully they'd be better stocked. They were a little bit of an improvement but it was still depressing. Like Country Crafts they only had one kind of yarn.

What kind it was? They didn't know. How long it was? They didn't know.

One thing I did find out they were a heck of a lot cheaper!

Familia House: 1 skien of yarn = PhP 8.00


Country Crafts: 1 skien of yarn = PhP23.30

So I bought a few skiens to practice with and I found out that I really enjoy knitting but I really hate this yarn. It's so dusty it makes my allergies act up and it keeps frays and falling apart making it difficult to stitch and maintain tension :( I am in desperate need of better yarn. Does anybody know of any well stocked craft stores in the Philippines? Please help :(

So far I've learned how to:

1. Make a slip knot

2. Cast on

3. Knit stitch

4. Bind off

Which is all useful for what I'm making. Can you tell what I'm making? I'm thinking... coaster.

Sad crafter,


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