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Mini Flower Vase


You'll need a small container, scissors, double sided tape, pretty wrapping paper and any other embellishments you want to add.

And of course, flowers.


I've prepared simple (girly-crazy-cute) tutorial for you. I decided my office would look much nicer with some flowers. But seeing as how my desk is already over-crowded it had to be something small. Something that wouldn't get in the way. So I decided to recycle an empty mint can and make myself a mini vase.



Super simple. Take some pretty wrapping paper and tape it to your container.

Then add a little something-something. I found this long strip of lace I used for an old project that was the perfect size for this.

Add flowers and there you have it. A super simple, cute little vase.

A little something to brighten up your day woot woot! (victory dance here).


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