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Painted Glass Jars


My first DIY project for the new year - painted glass jars. I first spotted this tutorial on Pinterest (where all my great ideas come from these days). If you are feeling crafty and want to try this, check out the full tutorial here - Craftberry Bush's blog.

The instructions seemed easy enough. In a clean glass jar mix some Elmer's glue, food coloring, and water.




The magic formula was supposedly: 1 tsp of glue + 1 tsp of water + 2 drops blue food coloring + 1 drop green food coloring = pretty stained glass. Everything was going well until I got to the food coloring. I tipped over the bottle of coloring and... nothing. So, I tried tapping, gingerly, against the jar... nothing. I tip the bottle some more and (glug glug glug sound effect here) the coloring comes pouring out! In a panic, I tried to compensate by adding more of the other ingredients. Check out the excess amount of liquid I had at the bottom of the jar by the time I was done.

Good thing I had another jar with me. I tried again and this time I was way more successful with my "drops".

And voila, painted glass jars.


Put them next to a window and it feels like I'm by the beach. Now all I need is tons of sand and sea water.



Happy New Year!

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