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Simple Up-do

If you've been on Pinterest or Tumblr, and if you love pretty hair, chances are you've seen this photo. I've spent many hours trying to figure out how this was done but I could never find a tutorial for it. To me it looks like a rope/waterfall braid hybrid. Then earlier this week, I tried out the 5 minute hair-do (croissant bun) and it suddenly clicked. I knew how to do it in my head and I suspected that it would look so much better with curly hair. And since I'm lazy and can't be bothered to curl my hair, I needed a willing victim.

Here is my version of that twisty-tumbly hair-do:


Kryz looking oh-so-girly. If you follow her on Twitter or Instgram than you know she wasn't always this composed:


8 minutes later...


But finally, success!


I promise, the hair style took less than 30 minutes to create. It just took us awhile to photograph it since my room didn't have enough light.

So after a quick change in venue we were finally able to grab some photos:


And it's so simple. Here's how you get this look:

1. If it's not already curly, curl your hair.

2. Take a headband, we used Kryz' stay put elastic headband from Goody, and secure with hair pins about halfway down your head. Or do what I did and have your model hold it in place.

3. Take 1" sections of hair and wrap it around the headband once, letting the rest of the hair fall.

4. Repeat from ear to ear (we did it from one temple to her bangs).

And that's it! If you're having trouble picturing how to warp the hair around the headband check out the video from my croissant bun post.



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