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Broken Flip Flop Fix

Broken Flip Flop Fix


Has this ever happened to you? There must be something about the way I walk because I seem to go through a lot of flip flops this way! Rather than buy yet another pair I decided to get a little crafty and refurbish my old broken ones. Here's how I did it!


What you'll need: 

1. Cutter or scissors

2. Piece of fabric (the one I used was 5" wide by 40" long)

3. Something pointy to push the straps out of the sole and to push fabric through the holes


Step one: Remove the straps from the sole with the cutter and pointy thing. 


Step two: With the slipper the right side up, fold the fabric in half and feed it middle bit through the top hole making a loop on the other side. 


Step three: Thread the rest of the fabric through the remaining holes. 


Step four: Flip it over, tie the bottom two pieces of fabric to the loop you made earlier.

Step five: Trim the excess i bits and you are done!


Good as new. So some things I learned doing this, while the crochet looks pretty it was a huge pain to get through the holes! Something solid and thinner would make things go a whole lot smoother.

Enjoy x


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