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Watercolor Wrapping Paper

Watercolor Wrapping Paper

I love giving gifts. I love finding that perfect something for someone. Surprises, gifts, little gestures of kindness this is how we let the people we love know we care. That we're all in this together, and together everything will be alright. Now everyone join hands and sing kumbaya with me! 

This year, I decided to make my own wrapping paper. Something chic but nondescript enough that I could use it for any occasion. When I saw this DIY on Oh Happy Day! I knew I had to give it a try and here is what I came up with.

Japanese paper

Japanese paper

You'll need:

1. Japanese paper

2. Watercolor paint

3. Spray bottle

4. Baker's twine

5. Craft paper (or any decorative paper)

This is super simple.

Pick a color, add water, and put it in your spray bottle. 

For a whole sheet of paper I only needed about a half an inch of paint in the bottle. I did one layer with the paint quite diluted and sprayed that all over the paper. Then, once that dried, I added more layers on top with less water and more paint to get the darker, more saturated spots.

I wouldn't recommend using red for this DIY as it might come off looking like blood splatter. Or maybe that's just me. :p I went with black for now but will definitely be playing around with other colors!


I used baker's twine from Paper Chic Studio to tie everything together. If you're from Cebu, you can get this over at MoMa in BTC. They have so much goodies from Paper Chic Studio so be prepared to go shopping!


Then, I cut up some craft paper befitting the occasion into gift tags and put some washi tape over it where I could fill in someone's name and voila! 

Enjoy! x 


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