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Gold Embossed Cards

Gold Embossed Cards

I love a little sparkle. Like a magpie, I'm just drawn to shiny things. So when I had to send out some thank you cards I had this idea to decorate them with glitter. But glitter tends to be messy and ends up on everything which the recipient of your card would not appreciate.

I decided to use gold embossing powder instead and I couldn't be happier with the result! The embossing powder is messy to work with but once you heat it up it's permanent and doesn't transfer. Giving you that gorgeous gold effect without the mess.

And my favorite part, hold it up to the light and watch it shine.



- Blank cards

- Gold embossing powder

- Embossing ink pad

- Heat gun


1. Find something with a sharp edge and place it over your card.

2. Press the embossing ink pad all over the exposed bit of card.

3. Sprinkle on the embossing powder. Be generous, make sure you get an even layer to prevent bald spots and just pour the excess back into the bottle.

4. Heat it up! Make sure to hold your heat gun perpendicular to the card and keep it moving. If you heat a spot for too long it'll lose it's shine.

Experiment with different patterns.

Experiment with different patterns.

Isn't that so pretty?!  Use them for thank you cards, gift cards, or even as place cards at your next dinner party!

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