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Floating Hearts Photo Backdrop

Floating Hearts Photo Backdrop

I was getting ready for a Valentine's day themed shoot and I thought, how pretty would it be to have a room full of floating hearts!

Here's how to create this sweet photo backdrop. It was a little time consuming to make but really easy. It took me roughly 4 hours to prep and put it together! So tune in to your favourite tv show, grab your scissors, and lets get started!


You'll need:

- Cartolina. I went with red but you can use any color you like, I used about one and a half sheets to make 160 different sized hearts.

- Ribbon. 40 meters.

- Scissors and tape


1. Measure how long you want your ribbon to be and cut up it up into strips. I made mine roughly 2.5 meters long each and was able to make 16 strips all in all.

2. Cut out the hearts. I knew I wanted about 5 big hearts and 5 little hearts per strip. So I made 80 big ones and 80 little ones. 

3. Lay your ribbon down on the floor and tape both ends to make a straight line. 

4. Tape your hearts into place. I wanted it to look kind of orderly so I tried my best to space them evenly, alternating between big and little hearts. 

5. Take your ribbon from the floor and tape to the ceiling. 

I would recommend making this where you place to put it up because the hearts do tend to get tangled up into one another (as hearts do) during transport. 

So happy with how this turned out! The photos from this shoot will be out soon at Shop WAGW in February so wait for that! And as usual, if you try this out tag me @jackkayephoto #thesundayproject



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