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Big Bun for Medium to Long Hair

Big Bun for Medium to Long Hair

This is an updated version of my big bun for medium length hair tutorial. Same steps, just done in photos cause I know the video quality on the last one was quite bad. This is great for getting that sock/donut bun look when you don't have the donut thing to stick in your hair or don't want to cut up your socks or your hair's too fine and if you put anything in underneath it just shows through.  


Start off with a high ponytail. 


Take a thin section of hair from the ponytail and pull in around into a loop and pin down.


Repeat all the way around the hair tie. 


Here's that the loop looks like from the side. So as you can see, the inside of the bun is completely hollow.


And you're done. My hair is much longer compared to how it was when I made this tutorial but when I put it up into a bun it still looks quite thin. This is how to get a massive looking bun without having to tease your hair or use anything accoutrements. It works will with anything from shoulder length to hair that goes about below your shoulder blades.

If your hair is too short to put into one high ponytail, make two (one on top of the other). Pull sections from the top ponytail forward to make the top part of the bun and sections from the lower ponytail back to make the lower half. If that didn't make sense here's a video that might help ;)

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