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Twisted Low Bun

Twisted Low Bun

Image from Instagram @vikkirodriguez

Image from Instagram @vikkirodriguez

This hairstyle is great for when you're looking to get all your hair out of the way but still look like you made an effort.

Wore this while I was making Mango Pavlovas with Vikki a few weeks ago and was feeling very Suzy homemaker in the process.

For this look you'll need:

- Hair elastics

- Bobby pins


Part your hair as you usually would. Take two sections from the top of your head. Twist them around each other, taking the lower section (the one closest to your forehead) over the top one.

Add hair to the section that's underneath, then twist again.

Always add hair to the section that's underneath and twist it over the section of hair that's on top. Keep going till you reach the base of your neck and tie that off with an elastic.


Do the same to the other side.


Take the ponytails and twist them into one a low bun and pin into place. You could also braid the two ponytails together and create a braided bun!


Optional, use your fingers and gently pull apart your twists, to make your hair look thicker. I always do this because I just prefer how it looks. Also optional, and something I always do as well, pull out strands of hair to frame your face.


If you try this out be sure to take a photo and Instagram or tweet it! Then tag me @jackkayephoto #thesundayproject! Would love to see your hair creations. x


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