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Heatless Curls + a giveaway! (updated with the winners names!)

Heatless Curls + a giveaway! (updated with the winners names!)

This is my favorite way to get that effortless, beach waves type curl without actually having to use a curling iron. Check out the video below for my heatless curl hair tutorial!

Some things I failed to mention in the video (I still tend to blank in front of the camera):

- I usually do this with second day hair, you could do it with clean hair but I find that leaving my hair to air dry makes the top part dry a lot quicker than the layers underneath. It's easier for me to start off with dry hair then spray it to however wet I want it to be.

- Either way, you want to get your hair about 70% wet, it shouldn't be dripping wet or it will never dry when you put it into a bun.

- The tighter the bun, the tighter the curls. I make it tight cause it'll loosen up while I wait for it to dry (since a move around when I sleep) and just shake it out to make a more relaxed curl.

- In my case, the curls usually last for at least two days. 



I wanted to film this tutorial all in one day, so I only left the buns on for a couple of hours, and I really feel like it doesn't do this hairstyle justice. So I'm adding a few photos from my Instagram. This is what it looks like if you leave it in overnight. It makes sleeping a lot more difficult, unless you're used to sleeping on your back, but when you wake up in the morning the gorgeous curls make it all worthwhile!

The photo on the right was shot straight out of bed. I literally woke up (with sleepy eyes still which is why they're cropped out), took off the buns, whipped my head back and forth and this is what I looks like. 


The photo on the left was shot after I went to the gym that night, an hour of yoga with my hair in a messy top knot.

And this one below was shot the next day. I wasn't kidding when I said it had staying power! All I did was loosely roll them back into the Pucca buns before bed.


So I really hope you try out this look, it's one of the easiest ones but a real favourite of mine. And if you want to see my day to day, follow me on Instagram (@jackkayephoto)


On to the giveaway! I did a hair tutorial and used Goody's new clip-ins a few weeks ago, you can check that out here. Now, I'm giving away FOUR @goodyph clip-ins! All you have to do is:

Photo from @goodyph

Photo from @goodyph

1. Follow @goodyph and myself @jackkayephoto on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Leave a comment on this post with your Instagram username and we'll select a winner at random!

And of course, if you try out the heatless curl look take a pic and tag me! I'd love to see it! @jackkayephoto #thesundayproject!


Much love to everyone who joined in this giveaway from Goody! I used a random number generator to pick out the names and here are the lucky winners!!!

Charmaine Q. Carreon @miming_carreon

Jamee Uy @uyjamee (no relation, in case any one asks :p)

Beatrice Boza @beabozz

Joanna C @cuencojoanna

Congratulations girls! Will be in touch to deliver your prize!

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