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Uncut Gem Necklace - 2 Ways

Uncut Gem Necklace - 2 Ways

There's just something so pretty about a rustic, uncut gem. I found these in a local market and thought they would make for great pendants. But if you can't find gems, you could do this tutorial with just about anything you want to use.

You'll need:

- Needle nose pliers

- Flat nose pliers

- Wire (20 gauge)

- Uncut gems/stones (anything you want to use as a pendant would work)

- Chain

- Clasp (optional)

- Embellishments (optional)

First method:

1. Cut your wire about 2" long and make a loop at one end. The way I like to do this is to hold one end with a pair of needle nose pliers then just wrap the wire around until you get a loop.


2. I added a little embellishment, completely optional, than I just added the gem and another embellishment on the other side. Finish off with another loop to hold everything in place. 

3. String your chain through the loops and seal the loops using your flat nose pliers so it doesn't fall off the chain. 

4. Another optional step, cut the other end of your chain in half and add a clasp. I only did this because the chain I had wasn't long enough to slip over my head. 

Second method:

1. String your gem on to your wire and make a loop to hold it in place.

2. Make a larger loop at the other end, leaving some space between the loop and the gem.

3. Wrap the wire back down on itself. You could stop right at this step, just cut the wire and add your chain.

4. Or you could wrap the wire around the gem a few times. Just to add another dimension to it. Then cut and hang it on your chain.

Tada! If you try this our for yourself take a photo and tag me @jackkayephoto #thesundayproject! 


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